Tibetan Dzi Abundance Bracelet

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This three-eyed Dzi bead is the manifestation of the Tibetan and Buddhism wealth gods. It is one of the most powerful beads that attract good opportunities and financial wealth. In Buddhism, it represents the god of wealth Kubera that controls all types of financial wealth.

Take time to look at it, thetwo eyes representhis eyes and the other one is his mouth. The Brahma asked him to protect and equally distribute the treasures on Earth by karmic rewards.Another gemstone that this bracelet has is the Agate gemstone. As the Dzi beads focus on fortune, this gemstone is used for maintaining good health and helps issues in the digestive system.

Dzi beads that mean “brightness” and it is exceptionally worshipped in Tibet. It is a charm that is highly worshipped in Tibet and the Himalayas mountain range. Moreover, they treat the beads as their “mystical charm” and calling it a “Heavenly Stone”. Based on Tibetan folklore, the demigods discarded the beads once they were scratched in the slightest way.

When you wear the Dzi beads, they will adorn an “invisible cloak”, defending you against bad luck, evil forces, negative energy, and supernatural spirits. In addition, the presence of this Tibetan charm will help you to avoid diseases and untimely death as they improve the owner’s immunity by balancing the body’s Yin and Yang.

Get this god of wealth’s bracelet to experience its mystical powers!


Item Type: BraceletMaterials:Agate, Tibetan Wood
Bead Size: Big beads approx 28mm x 21mm, Small beads approx 17mm
Size:about 7in

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