Tibetan Dzi Karma Necklace

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A necklace that gives you the wisdom of humanity.

This nine-eyed Dzi bead is labeled as the “King of all Dzis”, and the most desired in all of the Dzi beads. In Buddhism, the number nine is a sacred number of completion and fulfillment. It is also a symbol of The Nine Planet that includes the activity of the Universe. The DZI beads with 9 eyes symbolize the emperor of all DZI. Wearing this, assists individuals expand intelligence and wisdom, obtainability, boosts power, and purify negative energy. It supports the investors to create successful decisions and the development of new ideas that will roll wealth. As the Dzi beads focus on fortune, the Agate gemstone is used for ensuring good health and can prolong life.

Dzi beads that mean “brightness” and it is exceptionally worshipped in Tibet. It is a charm that is highly worshipped in Tibet and the Himalayas mountain range. Moreover, they treat the beads as their “mystical charm” and calling it a “Heavenly Stone”. Based on Tibetan folklore, the demi-gods discarded the beads once they were scratched in the slightest way.

These 9-eyed beads are known for their mysticism and powers that are well-documented especially in modern Asia. Some people who worn this testified that they have survived a near-death experience, for example, one of the survivors of the Nagoya plain crash was wearing a 9-eyed Dzi.

Acquire this Tibetan Dzi Karma Necklace to grant the patronage of heaven, win over enemies, and prolong your life!


Item Type:NecklaceMaterials:Agate
Pendant Size: approx 2.5cm x 2cm x 2cm

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