Tree of Life Orgonite Energy Necklace

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Orgone energy is similar to Universal Energy, you may have heard this referred to as Chi, Prana, or Etheric Energy.

This is the existing power energy that and the foundational energy of our physical world and it can either be positive, negative, or neutral. Orgonite is a combination of crystal and metal in resin. This energy field is full of life force energy, it filters out negative energy, turns it into, and amplifies positive energy, this orgonite pendant is healing, protective and powerful.

It also has a ton of healing benefits which include:

  • Protects you from harmful radiation
  • Convert negative energy into positive energy
  • Attracts abundance and wealth
  • Pacifies emotion and unnecessary energy

To protect you fromnegative frequencies get thisTree of Life Orgonite Energy Necklace now!


Item Type: Necklace
Material:Tibetan Rope, Resin, Gold Plated Alloy

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