Vintage Natural Jade Dangling Earrings

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Jade is extremely lucky and has been labeled as the ‘dream stone’. It helps in career, study, and decision making.

It has properties that can direct energy in the most constructive way. Moreover, it filters distractions, emphasizing the best possible result, and aids decision-making as it pulls in the relevant information. So it is a great study companion when preparing for exams.

Some believed that it often sees it as a symbol of friendship and encourages the owner to turn their dreams into reality, boosting confidence and wisdom. It can be used to harmonize dysfunctional relationships.

Grab these Vintage Natural Jade Dangling Earrings now!


Item Type: Earrings
Materials:Jade, Zinc Alloy
Size: approx 15mm x 48mm
Weight: approx 6.0g -6.7g

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