Wave of Calm Amazonite Bracelet

$ 13.95


Amazonite has been used since the time of the early Mesopotamian cultures, cut into tablets and amulets by Egyptians and adorned the shields of Amazonian tribes.

Amazonite is also called the Stone of Courage and Truth because of the properties it holds that allows self discovery of one’s own truths and integrity to those truths.

Amazonite is a breathtaking stone that carries the captivating shades of turquoise-green waters of the ancient Amazon. Its beautiful calming color soothes the soul and spirit. It possesses the powerful energy of the Amazon River and boldness of legendary warriors but at the same time stills internal unease and aggression providing harmony and balance.

The relaxing vibes of this stone makes you feel like floating in a river of tranquility and the refreshing flow clears away psychic debris and negativity. It also works very well in clearing electromagnetic smog that make clear and light positive energies more easily attracted to you.

Keep your aura and your chakras balanced and smooth flowing with a pop of color.


Item Type: Bracelets
Metals Type:
Zinc Alloy
Chain Type: Vegan Leather
Clasp Type: Easy-hook
Center Stone: Amazonite
Other Beads Stone: Jasper, Amazonite
Length: 19.7in (adjustable with 3 enclosures for a universal fit)

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